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“The parent/teacher connection that starts at a visit shows the child that we are connected. Seeing my son’s face when his teacher came into our house was awesome.``

What is a home visit?

Home visits are meetings between school staff and families focused on building positive relationships. They are:

  • 20-30 minutes long
  • Voluntary for both staff and families
  • Hosted somewhere outside of school (home, park, library, etc.)
  • Based around the question – what are your hopes and dreams for your child?

Why home visits?

Home visits are a research-based approach correlated with improvements in

  • Student achievement
  • Attendance
  • Behavior

Last year’s highlights

  • 34 schools participated
  • 17 members of the district’s Senior Leadership Team, including Acting Superintendent Susana Cordova, joined staff on visits
  • In all, staff visited 1,079 students and families in just one week!


National Parent Teacher Home Visit Project

School Year 16-17 List of Parent Teacher Home Visit Schools

News and events

For more information, please contact:

Iesha Mitchell

Manager of Parent Teacher Home Visit program

720-423-2593 |


Cody Ostenson

Coordinator of Parent Teacher Home Visit program

720-423-2267 |

About Parent Teacher Home Visits

Too often, a home visit from a teacher means one thing to a family: trouble. But with the Parent Teacher Home Visit (PTHV) Program, the goal is to start by building a strong and positive relationship between the family and the school.

The visits begin with the teacher asking about the family’s hopes and dreams for their child. By involving the parents and families, we create a better chance of success for students.

News & Announcements

teacher Lauren Brown and paraprofessional Laura Huber at home visit

On Friday, Nov. 18, Superintendent Tom Boasberg joined Beach Court Elementary teacher Lauren Brown and paraprofessional Laura Huber as they visited the home of one of their ECE students during Fall Parent Teacher Home Visit Week (Nov. 14-21). During this week, DPS educators took the opportunity to build connections and relationships between their families and schools through personalized home visits. Click here


Noticias Colorado: Las Escuelas Públicas de Denver comparten un programa de visita de maestros en casa. Ver video.

Across the Denver Public Schools, teachers have a deep awareness of the role a student’s social and emotional well-being is in their academic success. Click here to read this DPS Features story.

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