Immigration Resources

Immigration Resources

Only immigration attorneys can provide you with accurate advice about immigration status and how you can pursue any legal rights you might have. For your own protection, please do not seek the advice of notarios or others who are not licensed immigration attorneys. A list of available resources can be found here. Also, you can seek an immigration attorney from the American Immigration Lawyers Association here (English) or here (Spanish).

Frequently Asked Questions: Immigration Status and Discrimination in DPS Schools

Our critical mission is to ensure that our schools are safe spaces where a student’s race, ethnicity, religion and immigration status do not create any barriers to that child’s education. To assist this mission, we wanted to share answers to the following questions regarding immigration status and our commitment to protect students from discrimination and harassment. Immigration FAQ for parents and families.

Did You Know:

Transition Planning & Legal Status: Transition Planning and Legal Staus Parent Training Flyer English

Q:  What should DPS employees do if they get a request for information about a student from a federal immigration official?

A:  The DPS employee should not provide any information and should immediately refer the individual to the DPS Office of General Counsel, 720-423-3309.

Q:  What should a DPS employee do if an immigration official tries to come on to school grounds or asks to interview a student?

A:  Immediately contact DPS Safety, 720-423-3911, and the DPS Office of General Counsel, 720-423-3309.

Please understand this is a rapidly changing situation and we anticipate releasing additional guidance in the next week or two. If you have questions, requests for assistance or need additional communications support, let us know at

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