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Founded in 2009, the Multicultural Outreach office’s mission is to bridge communication gaps with our non-English-speaking communities and diverse cultures. DPS offers resources and information through EDUCA outreach platforms in 10 languages including TV, newspaper, smart phone APP, social media and internet. For access or topic suggestions on EDUCA platforms, please email

What is EDUCA?
EDUCA is Spanish for educate and is the brand for a collection of platforms in several languages, including TV, news magazine and internet used to connect parents with Denver Public Schools. Parents get expert opinions on a variety of topics, from early childhood education through higher learning, designed to help them make the best decisions for their children.

Are EDUCA platforms only for Spanish speakers?
Not at all. In 2015, all EDUCA platforms were at minimum bilingual in English and Spanish with the intention to serve a broader, more diverse group of DPS parents. EDUCA began as a Spanish-only program but now through the advances in streaming, EDUCA is now available in ten (10) different languages: English, Spanish Vietnamese, two dialects in Arabic, Nepali, French, Somali, Karen, and Tigrinya. EDUCA Newspaper is 100% bilingual in English and Spanish.

Why is there a need for EDUCA platforms?
Unfortunately, DPS news does not always make it on mainstream media and there is a communication gap
that exists, especially with our non-English-speaking families. DPS needs to go where people are accessing information to make sure they are informed of all of the resources available to them in Denver Public Schools.

What do you talk about?
EDUCA takes a holistic approach much like the Whole Child/Whole Family philosophy. We cover K-12 and beyond, as well as socio-emotional and mental health, nutrition, drug-use prevention, discipline, SchoolChoice, Superintendent Parent Forums, School Performance Framework, Call for New Quality Schools, DPS Shared Core Values, scholarship opportunities and much, much more.

Where can someone find EDUCA platforms?
EDUCA airs on CPTV Ch 12 in English on Thursdays at noon and in Spanish on Sundays at 8:00a.m., as well as, all languages throughout the day on Comcast channel 22 in Denver and Sundays from 5-5:30a.m. on Univision CH 14 and UniMas CH 50 in Spanish. Visit for updated information.

EDUCA News Magazine circulates 30,000 copies quarterly in October, December, February and May.

Visit for archives and TV/Radio podcasts.

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