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Family Constituency Services

Family Constituency Services provides high quality services using culturally competent practices. We provide services to families, schools, and community members who need assistance accessing school and district resources, addressing concerns, and building skills to be strong partners in their students’ education. We have Spanish-speaking staff and have access to multilingual interpretation services.

More Resources

These guides describe major concepts your child will be learning in language arts, math, science and social studies by grade level. These printer-friendly guides include activities you can do with your child at home. Content for the guides is adapted from the Colorado Department of Education, Council of Great City Schools, DPS content specialists and the National PTA.

Note: Denver Public Schools’ science courses do not align perfectly with the state science standards. While concepts are the same, the grade in which they’re taught differs in some areas. Please keep this in mind when viewing DPS materials alongside Colorado Department of Education materials.

Technology Skills
English | Spanish | Vietnamese | Amharic | Arabic | Burmese | Nepali | Russian | Somali

Students With Special Needs
The Colorado Academic Standards, like the previous Colorado Model Content Standards, are intended for all children. Many students with special needs can master the standards with some accommodations, such as extra time. For those students with significant cognitive disabilities, however, there are modified benchmarks, called Extended Evidence Outcomes or EEOs, for each standard.


Assessments provide valuable information for students, parents and educators on whether students have mastered grade-level content and are on track to graduate prepared for the 21st century. Assessments inform school and district personnel on where to improve curriculum, instruction and leadership in order to better serve your child and ensure that Every Child Succeeds.

Opting Out of Assessments
Parents who wish to excuse their student from participation in one or more of the state assessments may do so by filling out the district’s parent opt-out application. The application is available to parents to make their selections by February 28, 2018 through the Parent Portal or your child’s school. Parents are encouraged to discuss the process with their school principal.

Please see Accountability, Research and Evaluation for the most up to date information on Assessments.

Issues Affecting Your Child’s Learning

  1. Teacher
  2. Principal
  3. Family and Community Engagement, 720-423-3054

School Governance Councils

  1. Principal
  2. Family and Community Engagement, 720-423-3054


  1. Teacher
  2. Principal
  3. Family and Community Engagement, 720-423-3054


  1. Principal
  2. Family and Community Engagement, 720-423-3054


  1. Principal
  2. Transportation Services, 720-423-4600


  1. Choice and Enrollment Services, 720-423-3493

English-Language Learner Concerns

  1. Teacher
  2. Principal
  3. English Language Acquisition, 720-423-2040

Special Education

  1. Teacher
  2. Principal
  3. Student Equity and Opportunity, 720-423-3437

Back to school time means that it’s time to say good-bye to summer and hello to an exciting new school year. We’ve got advice, resources and more to help make the transition from summer to school as easy as possible.

Ten Steps to Success: Back to School Diez Pasos para el éxito: Regreso a clases
Back to School Tips for the Transition Regreso a clases: consejos para la transición
Back to School: On the First Day Regreso a clases: El primer día de clases
How to Have a Great School Year Cómo tener un excelente año escolar
Back to School Shopping Tips Consejos para las compras de regreso a clases

Learning Heroes (English/Spanish): Visit Learning Heros for grade-level resources, activities and simple actions you can take to help your child succeed in school.

Resources for Families
DPS Medicaid Health Insurance: (720) 423-3661 | 

Free Study Apps

Learning Heroes Logo

When it comes to your child’s education and future, you are a Learning Hero! Your superpowers include expertise about your child’s interests, habits, and personality. Combine this knowledge with a clear understanding of how to support your child’s learning and the sky’s the limit. Click on the links for easy to use tools and videos from our partners at Learning Heroes.

Super 5: Back-to-School Power Moves

Learning Heroes, National PTA, Scholastic, and Univision have launched Super 5: Back-to-School Power Moves, a research-based, bilingual, parent-resource to help you start the school year strong. Get tips at

Readiness Check

One way to prepare for parent-teacher conferences and meetings is to use the Readiness Check, a new (free) interactive tool developed by leading experts that helps you see how your child is progressing with foundational skills needed to succeed this year. By sharing this important insight with the new teacher, they can best support your child. The tool also connects you to easy-to-use videos, activities, and more to foster learning at home. Get a gut check at

Readiness Roadmap

With each transition, your child takes on exciting new challenges which will require your support and guidance. Want to know what’s expected of your child before they enter the next grade? The Readiness Roadmap can help.  The Readiness Roadmap is a guide to help parents understand what their child is expected to learn this school year, how they can support their child’s emotional health and happiness, and how to start the college financing process.


Parent Engagement Guide Video 

Ten Steps to Success / Diez Pasos para el éxito

Parent Organizations
Colorado PTA
Denver Council PTSA
National PTA
Colorado Statewide Coalition

Parent Portal
Denver Public Schools Leadership Groups
25 Ways to Ask Your Kids ‘So How Was School Today?’ Without Asking Them ‘So How Was School Today?’

For family members attending Family Conferences at their school, we have created a list of questions for families to ask during family conferences as well as ways for families to engage with their student before and after conferences. These questions are intended to support parents and families in connecting with their student’s teacher and creating a positive relationship between the school and home. Handouts can be downloaded in English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Arabic.

Your voice matters.

At Denver Public Schools, we’re working to ensure that 100% of our schools gain value from outstanding leadership. Part of that process means placing the right principals in the right schools so they can meet the community’s needs. In order to ensure we truly understand the needs of our parents, families and community members, we invite you to participate in the selection process the next time your neighborhood’s school is seeking a new principal.

If your school is in the process of hiring a principal, there are three key opportunities for you to get involved.

  • Participate in the Parent and Community Survey. The Survey is designed to collect feedback on the characteristics the principal will need to have and the potential challenges they will face. Survey results will be used to inform interview questions later in the process.
  • Attend the Community Forum. Anyone from the community can attend an open forum where they will have an opportunity to meet the top finalists for the position and provide feedback that will be used to determine a final recommendation.
  • Apply to be a part of the Advisory Committee. The Committee is a group of 3-5 parents, guardians and community members, and five of the school’s staff members. Committee members will work with the schools’ Instructional Superintendent to interview candidates, review community feedback and provide a final recommendation to the Denver Public Schools Superintendent.

Contact your school’s Collaborative School Committee (CSC) to find out how you can be a part of the process.

To find more information about the Summer Meal Program please click on this link: Summer Meal Program 2018 or go to

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