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For more information on Literacy Programs, please contact:
Matt Dodge
A Foundation for Success in School
720-423-2295 | matthew_dodge@dpsk12.org

The Power Lunch Reading Program aims to improve student literacy skills and build connections to the community by matching volunteers with students to meet and read together for 45 minutes on a weekly basis. Launched in 2013, this program is a way to help increase student literacy and to help students develop a love for reading. Every week, volunteers meet with students in the second or third grade in 11 classrooms throughout the district to read with them for 45 minutes. This program was recognized by the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading as an excellent model for other districts and is a partnership between the Office of Family and Community Engagement (FACE), the DPS Foundation, and Mile High United Way. To watch a video on the program, please click here.

In collaboration with Innovations for Learning and the Denver Public Schools Foundation, Family and Community Engagement supports the TutorMate Reading Program, an online platform that remotely connects volunteers from professional settings with a 1st or 2nd grade student in the classroom via computer, providing curriculum-based software that helps build fluency, comprehension, phonics and spelling skills.

The Power Punch! Literacy Camp encourage summer learning and improve literacy skills through a three-week long camp with field trips and activities. Started in 2013, students in first through third grade work daily with members of the Family and Community Engagement Education Corps to increase literacy skills through field trips and activities. This program helps students continue to learn over the summer and be prepared for their classes this fall. To learn more about the literacy camp and why summer learning is important, please watch this video.

The Text Message program uses literacy-based curriculum in 140 characters or less and is delivered through text messages to parents of students in K – 3rd grade.  The messages are delivered twice a week throughout the school year and include curriculum-based activities, as well as best practices to engage students at home in reading.  Parents who receive the messages can immediately implement the practice used at school to engage their child in a literacy activity.  An example of a text message a parent may receive is:

1st grade English – Say “In this word, the vowel sounds like its own name and the final e is silent: joke /j/oh/k/” Say “sound out the word hope /h/oh/p/”

2nd grade Spanish – Diga las palabras: yate, payaso, raya. Pregunte su hijo cual es la silaba que se repite en cada una y tiene el mismo sonido de la /ll/

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