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Family and Community Engagement (FACE) oversees two AmeriCorps programs that offer opportunities to community members, educators, students and parents to engage their community and serve others, while earning an education award to further their own academic goals.

AmeriCorps members align their passions and skills with the needs of schools and communities by developing service projects that target academic achievement, in addition to engaging parents to volunteer more in the classroom and participate in school activities.

FACE Education Corps

Through targeted case management, full-time AmeriCorps members make direct contact with parents/guardians of students with poor attendance by conducting daily attendance check-ins. Members build strong relationships with students and families, allowing greater ability to assess needs and provide targeted resource information.

AmeriCorps members use an established, research-based multi-generation approach to directly engage both students AND family members, to:

  • Increase family confidence in engaging the school community
  • Enable student access to personal and professional development
  • Increase confidence of school personnel to involve the community in decision-making processes

By supporting student success members strive to ensure that every student reaches his or her full potential as an educated and productive citizen.

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FACE Education Corps – Denver Fellows AmeriCorps

Through partnership with FACE, Denver Fellows serve as AmeriCorps members, participating in diverse service projects to engage their school community, serve Denver’s students and train parents on district initiatives and home learning supports.

Denver Fellows AmeriCorps members provide tailored, small group instruction. Daily sessions allow members to build meaningful relationships with students and their families, offering a range of supports and resources.

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For more information about the FACE Education Corps – Denver Fellows AmeriCorps, please contact:

Jason Newcomer
AmeriCorps Programs

The Student and Parent Advocates for Continuing Education (SPACE) initiative provides training opportunities for students, parents and community members who are interested in careers in the education sector. Participants follow an eight session course, designed in collaboration with the University of Colorado Denver’s Paraprofessional Resource and Research Center (PAR²A Center), and earn certificates evidencing an increased knowledge of how to work in a classroom setting, collaborate with teachers and engage students.

Parents, community members and students exit the eight course training with:

  • Understanding of classroom management techniques and essentials
  • Increased positive attitudes around education and educational institutions
  • Connection to additional resources to support students’ academic goals and needs
  • Increased access to entry level education careers in DPS
  • Foundational knowledge necessary to serve as paraprofessionals in DPS
  • Identify challenges in their communities and work to create solutions

Training Academies include:

Personal & Professional Growth

Reflect on personal/professional strengths and identify areas for growth; draft a personal plan towards professional development

Student Supervision

Policies and procedures expected by the district; management of the day-to-day supervision of students in large and smaller groups as well as professional conduct during emergency situations

Instructional Strategies

Instructional strategies and methods for supporting students in inclusive classrooms, resource rooms or in self-contained settings

Behavior Management

Instructional methods to support students who have challenging behaviors in inclusive classrooms, resource rooms, self-contained classrooms, domestic settings and in the community

Significant Communication Support Needs

Overview of typical language development, effective communication and significant communication challenges students may face

Significant Support for Challenging Behavior

Expand on the previous Behavior Management Academy, in-depth information and training to support students with challenging behavior through creating a Behavior Support Plan, identifying methods for collecting data and practices for implementation

Instructional Teamwork

Develop aptitude as a team member through the delineation of roles and responsibilities, classroom instruction and behavior management; improving individual teaching skills, individual and team strengths and effectiveness

Working with Families

In-depth reflection and discussion about what it means to build relationships with each and every family, considering the concepts of family, cultural and linguistic differences

For more information on the SPACEs initiative, please contact

Jason Newcomer
AmeriCorps Programs
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In collaboration with Energy Outreach Colorado, FACE provides energy assistance for families in need, paying a portion of their energy bill and preventing energy shut offs to allow families to focus more of their resources on their students.

For more information on Energy Outreach Colorado, please contact

Jessica Brandhorst
Regional Coordinator
720-668-7980 |

FACE offers parent trainings and seminars to empower and activate parents and caregivers to become academic partners and establish a new mindset of shared responsibility for student success.  The trainings utilize a multi-generation approach to support student success by increasing capacity of parents and caregivers.

The trainings and seminars are held at school sites and focus on topics, such as improving communication and leadership, school choice, home learning, standardized testing and other themes.  Trainings are offered in English and Spanish, with translation available in other languages.

For more information on Parent Trainings, please contact

David Portee
Program Services
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