School Improvement Initiatives

We engage the community by providing information and opportunities for community collaboration during the school improvement and development processes, and provide venues for constructive dialogue around DPS initiatives.

School Performance Framework

The School Performance Framework (SPF) is like a report card for your child’s school. It includes information on how students are growing academically, how satisfied parents are with the school, student engagement and attendance, and other factors. Learn more here.

Shared Enrollment Zones

What is a Shared Boundary Enrollment Zone?

A geographic area where the students living within it are guaranteed a seat at one of several schools, not just one particular school.

There are many benefits to a shared access zone, including:

  • Increased access to high-performing schools
  • Increased access to transportation options.
  • Priority over students that don’t live in that area
  • Access to different types of school programs
  • Schools can better plan for the right number of students

To learn more about shared enrollment zones, please visit our Choice website.


School Improvements By Region


Changes in Schools


School Performance Compact 2016

What is the School Performance Compact?

The School Performance Compact is a policy that sets out a clear process for how DPS will identify the most persistently low-performing schools. The Denver Board of Education uses the policy to decide if the identified schools must be restarted. The process will be objectively and consistently applied across all schools, both district-run and charter.


Sandra Todd-Williams Academy

Denver Public Schools (DPS) is happy to announce the naming of the new FNE Early Childhood Education Center: Sandra Todd-Williams Academy.

Todd-Williams retired in June 2016 after teaching in DPS for 35 years, most recently at the Escalante Biggs ECE Center. She dedicated her career to serving DPS students and spent the majority of her time teaching ECE students in Far Northeast Denver.

“I am a teacher. I firmly believe that every child can succeed, and I have spent my career doing my best to ensure they get the best start,” Todd-Williams told the board. “It has been an honor and privilege to serve in my community.”

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Courtesy of LOA Architecture
Courtesy of LOA Architecture

Paul Sandoval Campus at Stapleton Northfield

Dear DPS families,

Thank you for your continued support of our students and our schools. We have worked hard with the broader Stapleton community over the last decade and a half to establish one of the finest cluster of public schools in the state, and we are committed to continuing to support and improve our schools.

Our work and the recommendations we outline below continue to be firmly grounded in the promise of the Stapleton Redevelopment, specifically the emphasis on social equity as noted in Stapleton’s 1995 Green Book, which establishes the goal that we: “Create a community that accommodates a diversity of people … and reinforces and enhances the cultural, ethnic and racial diversity of adjacent neighborhoods.”

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