Near Northeast Middle School Advisory Group

What is the Manual Feeder Advisory Group?

The Near Northeast Middle School Advisory Group will provide critical input and feedback to Denver Public Schools to ensure an appropriate enrollment boundary or zone is implemented in Near Northeast Denver andto help ensure the new middle school being added to the area will appropriately feed into Manual High School and serve the area. The Advisory Group will be a collaborative team of parents, with an emphasis on including parents/families with diverse experience and backgrounds. The Advisory Group will also include school faculty and members from several community organizations.

Why is an Advisory Group needed?

A new middle school program that will serve as a feeder to Manual High School will be added in the Fall of 2016. Due to this addition, an Advisory Group must be convened to support the new school’s alignment with Manual High School and to examine an enrollment zone or reconfigured boundary possibility and provide a recommendation to the Denver Public Schools Board of Education. Schools include in this work should consist of the new Manual feeder middle school, Wyatt Academy middle school, Whittier middle school, Bruce Randolph middle school, and DSST: Cole middle school.

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Below is the scheduled events and timeline for the process:

Date & location(click to view PowerPoint) Topic Objectives
Thursday, Oct 29th 5 – 7pm Advisory Group meeting #1Overview of DPS enrollment; Purpose of this process; Context setting of the study area Deeper understanding of enrollment options. Engage around integration and diversity. Feedback on part two of Charge & Deliverables.
Thursday, Nov 12th 5:30-7:30 PM Manual High School Advisory Group meeting #2Continue review of boundary options and begin pro/con exercise. Hear from Jessica Long about new middle school design. Deeper understanding of enrollment options. Engage around integration and diversity. Feedback on part two of Charge & Deliverables.
Tuesday, November 17th 6:00-7:30Manual High School Optional and Encouraged Advisory Group MeetingFocus on integration and diversity in enrollment systems. Screening of Standing in the Gap video and discussion led by Manual Action Team. Understand the tools in place to ensure diversity and integration in enrollment.
School-based EngagementWeeks of Nov 6 – 30 Promote the December 2 community meeting and promote advisory group process Build awareness among the community
Wednesday, December 2nd6:00-8:00 pm FlyeManual High School Community MeetingChoice information night with zone middle schools DPS presents boundary option(s); Q&A opportunity with DPS staff; pro/con collection. Jessica Nick and Kurt, present on the school design process.
Thursday, December 3rd, 5:30-7:30 PM Advisory Group meeting #3 Continue discussion around pros and cons. Debrief school-based engagement; determine if BAG is near consensus; debrief community meeting.
Thursday, December 10th Board of Education Vote and Public Comment Board will vote on a new boundary.


For more information you can contact Jack Becker with the Office of Family and Community Engagement at, or call 720.423.2444

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