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Frequently Asked Questions December 2016

What is the history of the Sandoval Campus?

The Sandoval Campus was designed to house several schools on a pod-style campus, where each school would have its own primary academic building(s) and share a common cafeteria and other shared facilities. Northfield High School is permanently housed on the campus currently, and the Board of Education is considering placement of an additional school on the campus at its December 15 meeting.

In a funding stream separate from the Stapleton Tax Increment Financing funds used to construct Stapleton’s elementary schools, in 2012, Denver voters approved a citywide bond to build a grades 6-12 secondary school campus to serve Stapleton and adjacent neighborhoods. The plan for the Paul Sandoval Campus presented in the 2012 bond included multiple schools on the campus, serving 2,400 to 2,500 students, which would be built out over three bond proposals to meet enrollment growth in the area:

  • The 2012 bond included plans for the first phases of Northfield High School.
  • The 2016 bond measure approved last month by Denver’s voters will allow for the construction of an additional high school building serving 500 students at the Paul Sandoval Campus.
  • A 2020 bond proposal would add capacity at Northfield High School and likely construct a middle school on the campus.

What recommendations are being made for the Sandoval Campus and why?

In order to ensure the Northeast Denver community has great school choices at all grade levels that support the rapid growth in the area, Denver Public Schools is making the following recommendations for the Board of Education to consider at its December 15 meeting:

  • A one-year temporary placement of the new Inspire Elementary School at the Paul Sandoval Campus in 2017-18, with permanent placement at the Park Street Campus when construction is complete, anticipated in fall 2018.
  • Use of newly approved 2016 bond funds to:
    • Construct a new facility on the Paul Sandoval Campus in which to place Denver School of Science and Technology: Conservatory Green High School when construction is complete, anticipated in fall 2018. (The recommendation will include that DSST: Conservatory Green High School be temporarily placed for the interim 2017-18 year on the Samsonite Campus).
  • Initial planning to begin for a 2020 bond proposal to fund:
    • Build out of additional capacity of Northfield High School to accommodate continued long-term growth.
    • Construction of a middle school on the Paul Sandoval Campus (whose students would feed into Northfield High School).
  • Continue to monitor enrollment at Northfield High School, with the likelihood that we will need to add additional capacity for fall 2019 or fall 2020, in advance of a planned 2020 DPS bond proposal.

What schools are currently located on the Paul Sandoval Campus?

Currently, Northfield High School is the only school located on the Paul Sandoval Campus. However, the campus has long been planned to house multiple schools sharing a number of facilities, including the Commons area and athletic facilities. Use of such shared facilities by each school is scheduled through the development of a Shared Campus Plan.

How does campus sharing work?

DPS effectively uses campus sharing throughout the district. In a campus sharing arrangement, two or more schools are co-located within the same district facility or campus. When school programs share buildings or campuses, there are significant cost savings that enable us to direct more resources toward students and offer higher quality facilities for more students. Shared campuses can include both district-run and charter schools, in order to equitably use district facilities for the greatest benefit of our students. DPS analyzes a range of important factors when considering campus sharing as an option. To learn more about campus sharing, see the district campus sharing FAQ and visit and click on the “Matching Schools with Communities” page.

In our partnership with the Stapleton community, as we have at numerous locations throughout the city, we have successfully used campus-sharing as an economical way to provide high-quality facilities during strong enrollment growth. Examples include The Odyssey School and Westerly Creek; McAuliffe International School and Venture Prep on the Smiley Campus; Denver Discovery School and Swigert International School; and High Tech Elementary and DSST: Conservatory Green Middle School. Districtwide, more than 50 schools share a campus with another school.

Are parking improvements being made?
As part of the project to be completed by fall 2018 we are adding a new parking lot with approximately 115 spaces. DPS supports schools as they work together on these finer details, including space, culture and resources.

How many students are currently enrolled at Northfield High School and what are the projections for coming years?

Northfield High School opened on the Paul Sandoval Campus in fall 2015 and has grown this year to serve 415 students in grades 9 and 10. Over the next decade, Northfield High School is anticipated to grow its enrollment as the neighborhood builds out and existing elementary students matriculate up to high school age. We believe that over time Northfield will serve a student body of between 1,200-1,500 students.  Projections show Northfield High School could serve 1,500 to 2,000 students by 2030, depending on choice preferences by families living in the area.

Which middle schools feed into Northfield High School now and into the future?

There are no proposed changes to middle schools serving as feeders for the area.  The middle schools currently feeding into Northfield include: McAuliffe International School, DSST Conservatory Green Middle School, DSST Stapleton Middle School, Denver Discovery Middle School, William (Bill) Roberts K-8 School.

Is there space for Inspire to be located on the Sandoval campus for the 2017-2018 school year?

Yes. Because Northfield High School will only have students in grades 9, 10 and 11 in 2017-18, there is space available to share the existing buildings with Inspire Elementary School next year. The recommendation is for a one-year temporary placement with grades K through 2 while Inspire’s permanent home on Park Street is being constructed. Northfield High School leadership is working closely with Inspire Elementary leadership to create a positive learning space for both schools during this temporary period, with considerations for age-appropriate learning needs.

Will DPS have to make physical changes when Inspire Elementary leaves the campus?
No. Only furniture and materials will change after this temporary placement.

Where is DPS recommending DSST: Conservatory Green High School be placed and why?

DPS is recommending that DSST: Conservatory Green High School open with students in grade 9 temporarily on the Samsonite Campus with High Tech Early College for the 2017-18 school year. Because there is not enough space to permanently house two high schools on that campus long-term, DPS staff is recommending that DSST: Conservatory Green High School move to a new building to be constructed on the Paul Sandoval Campus when that facility is completed in fall 2018. (DSST: Conservatory Green Middle School would not be impacted and would continue in its current location, which it shares with High Tech Elementary School).

This move is designed to meet our secondary enrollment needs in Northeast Denver, and we believe the community will benefit from the placement of two high-performing high schools on the Paul Sandoval Campus, both of which are committed to serving the diverse student body of the greater Stapleton/NE Denver community.

Northfield has a high-quality International Baccalaureate (IB) program, which offers students a rich, internationally focused college preparatory program.  DSST has blue- and green-rated science and technology focused high schools throughout Denver, including DSST: Stapleton High School.

DSST: Conservatory Green High School will primarily serve students matriculating from the DSST: Conservatory Green Middle School.  We committed when we established the middle school, subject to performance criteria being met, to place the high school in the same neighborhood as the middle school so as to provide for continuity in the feeder pattern.

What is the ongoing DPS commitment to Northfield High School regarding meeting demand for the school?

We remain absolutely committed to fulfilling the vision of Northfield High School as an outstanding, diverse school serving students from across the area with a rigorous academic program. We greatly appreciate the work of Principal Amy Bringedahl, her team of educators and the parent community in building the school.  We anticipate asking Denver’s voters in 2020 for funds to build out additional seats for Northfield High School, with the potential to add another 500 seats to the Sandoval campus to meet the needs of the growing high school.

We have committed to Principal Bringedahl, and we commit to you, that we will review enrollment at Northfield High School in spring 2018 and commit to an expansion of up to 200 additional seats for Northfield High School if necessary for fall 2019.  If not necessary for fall 2019, we commit to a similar review in spring 2019 and funding that expansion before fall 2020 if Northfield High School’s enrollment requires it.

We reiterate the commitment we made when Northfield was being planned: Every single student in the Stapleton boundary who wants to enroll at Northfield is guaranteed a seat at Northfield now and in the future.  We also want to reiterate our commitment to Northfield students and staff as we work through this transition.

What other potential capacity exists in Stapleton north of I-70 for the future?

DPS anticipates capacity to build roughly 3,000 more seats to support neighborhood growth in the future:

  • The Paul Sandoval Campus has the capacity to include 1,000 additional seats at full build out to be funded in the 2020 bond, 500 of which will go to Northfield and we anticipate the other 500 going to a new feeder middle school.
  • DPS will relocate Inspire Elementary School to the Park Street Campus once construction is complete, expected in August 2018. This will add roughly 800 additional seats of elementary capacity with the potential to build on middle school seats if needed in the future.
  • DPS has worked with Forest City to secure another school site north of 56th Avenue that could offer an additional 1,000 seats.

The flexibility in the grade levels at these campuses allows DPS to address enrollment needs in the neighborhood well into the future.

What is the DPS commitment to diversity and inclusion?

Because Equity is one of DPS’ Core Values, we are committed to creating and maintaining a high-quality, diverse and inclusive school community that provides access for all students in Northeast Denver. We will continue to honor our commitment in DPS Board Resolution 3549 passed June 12, 2014 to make available at least 35% of Northfield High School seats to families from adjacent neighborhoods. Northfield will have access to as many seats on the Paul Sandoval Campus as is necessary to honor these commitments.

Will resources be diverted from Northfield High School to other schools sharing the campus?

No. Each school on the campus will continue to have its own school-based budget. However, campus sharing does create efficiencies that typically result in cost savings that enable schools to direct more resources toward students.

Will campus sharing have any impact on whether Northfield can be an International Baccalaureate school?

No, campus sharing will not impact any of the International Baccalaureate program space needs. DPS Operations staff are working with Principal Bringedahl to ensure Northfield High School has the right space for IB designation.  In Denver and nationally, there are many IB schools that share campuses.

How can I learn more about the proposal and provide my input?

  • Attend the community meeting at 6 p.m. Monday, December 5 on the Paul Sandoval Campus.
  • Visit to get information and updates, and to email comments or questions.
  • Should you wish to address the DPS Board at its December 15 public meeting, please sign up for public comment by calling the board office at 720-423-3210 by 5 p.m. December 14.
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