Multilingual Education District-Wide Advisory Committee

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The Multilingual Education District-wide Advisory Committee (MLE DAC) is a monthly meeting where parents whose children speak a language other than English learn about how Denver Public Schools is supporting the success of their children and other Multilingual Learners (MLLs).

The MLE DAC promotes academic partnerships and leadership through interactive sessions that bring together families from across the district to enhance their advocacy skills at home, school and district level. It also ensures that culturally and linguistically diverse families are equipped with the information, training and support they need to be active participants in all school and district committees, initiatives and events.

About the MLE DAC Meeting

During MLE DAC meetings MLE parents and guardians:

  • Learn about their rights and responsibilities and how to best advocate for their students. MLE parents are able to create positive change in their school and the district by being a voice for Multilingual Learners.

  • Receive valuable information and tools to help support their children’s success at school and at home.

  • Receive tools to share information from the DAC with their school principal, MLE Parent Advisory Committee (PAC), CSC/school governance council and other MLE families.

  • Some MLE DAC meetings include resource fairs attended by community and district organizations.

  • Free interpretation, on-site child care and refreshments are provided for in-person sessions. 

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MLE DAC Meeting Archives