DPS Spellbinders Storytelling Volunteers

DPS Spellbinders  are a group of passionate volunteers trained in the art of oral storytelling.  Spellbinders mission is to use the art of oral storytelling to enhance literacy, encourage character development and build inter-generational communities.   Each volunteer returns to the same classrooms each month to provide a 20 to 40 minute (depending on the age of the children and the needs of the teacher) oral storytelling session. Participation in monthly Spellbinders meetings helps volunteers to hone their storytelling skills and maintain connections with other group members.

DPS Spellbinders Storytelling Volunteers Logo

Teacher and a group of children sitting in a colorful rug

During the period of remote learning, please enjoy the library of videos recorded by our storytellers.  The link can be shared with students to listen to stories at a time convenient for them!

Teacher and girl student at class.

Teachers are you looking for a great way to support your students literacy through storytelling during remote learning?  Look no further!

Storyteller volunteers are also available to join classes remotely for a live storytelling session.  This allows for live interaction with your storyteller and adds to the benefits of supporting your students literacy journey.  Here is a peer-reviewed study on the benefits of storytelling for your students – Why Storytelling Matters

To request a storyteller, please complete a Teacher Request for Spellbinder Storyteller.