Family Advocacy Program

Family Advocacy Program

We have launched this program at 8 School Sites

What is happening at the school level?

Staff respond to surveys for basic knowledge to meet families where they are at & reflect on the quality of engagement practices at their school site. We share resources and tips to make improvements during four in-person Parent Village sessions, and four virtual staff engagement / planning sessions.

Parents Complete the DPS Family Advocacy Survey so we can gather key information on what parents want to learn and how they want to learn it! building off of engagement skills learned during 4 virtual staff sessions and family feedback, Family Advocacy Program staff then implement a learning session at their school site.

By ensuring that this event (requested by families) is happening at 8 different locations across the Denver Metro as well as virtually on FACE University, we create equity in access for families to get the resources they need to ensure every learner thrives.

The family-selected topic will be announced in April, sign up for the newsletter below for updates!

Parent Village Members - Cohort 1

What is happening at the Family/Community Level?

We are building a DPS Parent Village!

1-2 parents from each of our 8 school sites are working alongside Family Advocacy Program Staff to identify needs, and address gaps in the education system. These families are diving deep into advocacy work to learn that their voices have power and how to use potential avenues to elevate their voices in the community.

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Parent Village Cohort 1

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